Office Chair and Seating Trends 2017

One place sure to keen you in on chair & design trends is the NeoCon Furniture Show. This year’s show was no different than in past years. The Halls were bustling with people talking over and sharing innovations.

One noticeable office furniture trend was evident – there was a big focus on being active in the workplace. In regards to office seating, this includes things like perching stools complete with anti-fatigue mats. Some other trends we noticed were sound absorbing chairs, mesh chairs, and collaborative seating.

Perching stools are another office chair trend that is catching on. More and more active working solutions are being created by furniture manufacturers to fill the demand for office furniture that incorporates what’s known as “active sitting.”

But there’s another important aspect of perching that we didn’t see addressed at the show but we have a solution for you. There is a new technology coming out for people who naturally perch in their chairs while working – and struggle with chairs that don’t provide them the support they need. Well, now I’m pleased to report that there is a new perch technology that with a push of a button those who work perching on the front edge of their chair gain full back support. Check it out. You’ll even find how to locate an office chair to support perching while sitting.


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